After one of our amazing, painless, non-invasive, no-downtime, economical cosmetic may be surprised at the attention you attract.

Deluxe Bio-Ultimate Facial / Non surgical face life (As seen on Oprah) A complete esthetic system, with use of multiple modalities, that aid in reducing the signs of aging with specialized products, Microcurrent technology, layered with Microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy and a Collagen mask infused with Oxygen. Together, the system of products and technology firms and smoothes the skin, lifts the tissue and tones the muscles; offers outstanding age-defying results. See and feel the difference after just one treatment! This is the Ultimate in Skin Repair. Used as a preventative treatment for younger clients and an essential protocol for mature skins. The skin is rejuvenated and muscle tone increased achieving a firmer revitalized appearance. Series of 10 recommended w/ Mo. Maintain & Improve Session
(Allow 2 Hours) $225
Microphototherapy Facial see Skin therapy page for more details and call for intro pricing.

Luxury Rejuvenation Facial Along with advanced ingredients and layered technology, this treatment will provide you with h ydrated, smoother, and softer skin. This treatment utilizes LED Light Therapy, Oxygen, & microdermabrasion with enzymes to gently abrade the skin to accelerate cell renewal, metabolism & stimulate blood circulation which pumps up collagen & elastin. Helps to repair damaged skin, decreases pore size, useful in skin rejuvenation, and increases cell renewal. It also increases lymphatic system activity, and increases oxygenation and restoration of skin’s natural cellular activity, which keeps the skin renewed & fresh. (Allow 1 ½ Hours) $185

Bio-Oxygen Facial Oxygen revitalizes the skin by infusing break-through, age defying products containing powerful and scientifically proven ingredients to address expression aging as well as fine lines and wrinkles.  The combination of fresh, pressurized oxygen and high performance ingredients creates the ideal environment for healthy skin.  See and feel the results immediately as the skin is plumped, firmed, hydrated, redness and irritation are minimized and the appearance of lines and wrinkles are dramatically reduced.  The unique experience of oxygen infusion will leave your skin radiant, refreshed and renewed every time! Great Treatment for all Skin Types. A truly amazing experience with spectacular results! $140

Acne Treatment Option ~
Reduces the growth of Propions-bacterium (P-Acne), and helps re-build the cell's wall integrity.
Anti-Aging Treatment Option ~
This is a beautiful treatment for not only aging skin, but sun-damaged, dull, and lacking elasticity and collagen. Antioxidants help maintain structural support for skin's immunity .
(Allow 1 Hour 15 Minutes)

Anti-aging Rejuvenation Facial This facial includes all the key aspects of the Essential European Facial but with more time targeting your skin's area of needs. Includes a double cleansing with Clarasonic Pro Brush (to gently wash away 2x more dirt and oil than manual cleansing), glo Therapeutics Enzyme Treatment with Steam; (a pre gentle exfoliant that gives added results when used in conjunction with Microdermabrasion) Crystal Microdermabrasion treatment on the face & neck to exfoliate dead skin from the surface, leaving your skin rejuvenated, enjoy a relaxing, de-stressing face, decollete, & shoulder massage with aromatherapy, customized mask for your skin type, Clarasonic Opal Eye Treatment, along with skin appropriate serums & moisturizers. $150

LED LIGHT Therapy Facial or Body Treatment LED Light Therapy was originally discovered by NASA about 40 years ago. Specific light frequencies are used to target and eliminate different skin imperfections. This treatment is completely harmless, non invasive, non-abrasive and requires no recovery period with almost immediate results.Benefits include:Reduction in fine lines, creases, wrinkles* Hydrated, smoother, softer skin* Tightening of sagging jowls* Visible firming and contouring* Reduction in size of pores* Lighten dark circles* Reduction of puffy eyes* Reduction in scars including acne scars* Restoration of youthful tone* Improved elasticity Collagen stimulation and production* Increased circulation and cell repair* Reduces inflammation of sebaceous glands.
(Allow 1 Hour 15 Minutes)
European Enzyme Hydrating Facial This facial treatment is an Essential must have. Plenty of time for treating the perplexities of your skin as well as pampering with a facial massage. This facial promotes clear, well-hydrated and nourished skin. Enzyme exfoliation and steam are used for deep pore cleansing (extractions as needed) Majic globes are used to soothe and calm the skin after extractions. A customized mask is applied according to skin type. Serums, SPF, and hydration spray bring this must have essential facial to a close.
(Allow 1 Hour 15 Minutes)

Flash Facial
A shorter version of the European Hydrating Facial for those with limited time in their schedule. Expect promotion of clear, well-hydrated and nourished skin.
(Allow 45 Minutes) $70

Gentlemen’s Facial
If you’re a man that likes to take care of his skin, then take some time out. Includes Double deep cleansing, Power exfoliation, Treatment Mask, neck & scalp massage. Lots of hot towels are used during this facial. (Barber shop style)
(Allow 45 minutes)

Skin peels are a chemical exfoliation process that dissolves the desmosomes (glue) that hold skin cells together to allow for an efficient exfoliation revealing healthier, smoother, brighter looking skin. Pre/post peel skin care products are available for maximum results.
(Allow 45 Minutes to 1 Hour for Peels)

Glycolic is an alpha hydroxy. Treats mild to moderate acne & minimizes pore size, as well rejuvenates dry skin.  This cell renewal peel is a great classic on its own, but is also an excellent booster to any enzyme peel. Great for normal, congested, oily, acneic, or dry skin.
Peel w/ facial: $125 (includes LED Light Therapy & Oxygen Treatment)
Peel only $65

20% LACTIC LIGHTENING PEEL: Lactic is a milk based alpha hydroxy that is great for hydrating & exfoliating the skin in a gentle manner.  Allowing dead skin cells to slough off, making room for regrowth of new skin.  Improves wrinkling, roughness & softens skin. Great for normal to dry skin, sun damaged or hyperpigmentation.Peel w/ facial: $125 Peel only: $70

Great for combating oily-problematic skin. This too is an alpha hydroxy perfect for clearing of skin. Peel w/ facial: $140 (includes Blue LED Light Therapy & Oxygen Treatment)
Peel only: $75

Jessner Peel w/ Facial:
A minimum of 4 treatments is recommended. Typically 4-6 treatments. The Jessner Peel is a medium depth peel designed to help with a multitude of skin aging issues. It is typical that your skin will become pink after the peel and that you may peel and flake after the third or fourth day for several more days. After healing your smooth skin will be revealed. Recommended for mild scar tissue, sun-damaged and aging skin. (Allow 45 minutes to 1 hour) $150

A la carte Beauty or Elevations *Microcurrent Turbo Treatment~$125
(quick non-surgical facelift for that special event)
*Dermaplaning~ $85 *Microdermabrasion~ $65 *LED Light Therapy~ 20 Minutes~ $40 or 40 Minutes~ $80 (LED Add on: Red Wine Crystal Collagen Mask~ $15)*Oxygen 10 Minutes~$20
*Oxygen w/ Collagen Mask & LED Therapy~ 30 Minutes $60*
*Glycolic, Lactic or Salycilic Peel~ $35
*24KT Gold Collagen Under Eye Mask & Ultrasound~ $25 *Extractions~ $20
*Warm Hand Massage Treatment~$12*Hot Towel/Cold Stones~$12
*Clarasonic Opal Eye Treatment~ $10

Airbrush Tanning
Single Session~ $40 (Tanning Upgrades)
Double Dip $10 Moisture Lock $5 Gold Shimmer $5

Eyebrows $15 Lip $10
Chin $15 Full Face $35
Underarm $25 ½ Arm/Full $20/$35
½ Leg/Full $45/$65 Bikini $65

Lashes & Brows
Eyelash Tint $30 Eyebrow Tint $18

Lash Dip
Coming Soon!

Andrea went to school in SA, TX and graduated Salutatorian in her class from Milan Institute under Socorro Noriega


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